Saturday, December 04, 2004

party hardy

With Yoyong well on its way out of our area, the night was balmy and clean, with people out enjoying the start of the weekend. I received a couple of text messages concerning our supposedly night out at Red Box, which was an on-again,off-again scenario. Finally, i got the final word: no RedBox tonight.

I wasn't really that excited on the prospect of singing karaoke with a bunch of people i'll be meeting for the first time, but then again, i guess i would have to do it. Better that i will be making a fool of myself with my sweetie than by myself. :-P Hence, i was actaully glad that the night activity was cancelled. At least there won't be any downpour tonight due to my grating voice. haha.

+ + +

I met up with Jason and Haydee at Cibo, Shangri-La for dinner. Jason and I both love it for two reasons: they have great food, and yes, they make really good pomelo shakes. :-) I YM-ed Haydee to meet me there since she needed a favor from me and from our last conversatiion, i felt that she needed to talk, or something like that. I did miss her too! She went back to our province to attend a friend's wedding (another classmate who managed to snag herself a wedding ring while "looking for work" --- that's another story tho). Anyhoo, we all had dinner, with Haydz giving the details of the wedding (orange gowns!) as well as some interesting updates about friends, and Jason sharing some last-minute gifts he picked up while waiting for me.

Btw, my sweetie looked hot in his white shirt and jeans! :-) I remember he wore that shirt on the night we schmoozed with Maggie at the Mandarin, and he wore that cool blue tie --- he looked really good in that too. hehhehe :-)

After dinner we headed to Makati to meet up Edel, MItzi and some of Edel's med classmates. Once again i was surrounded with Phil-Ams,Fullbrighters and med students who decided to get their degree here. Interesting mix of people i hang out with, admittedly. I finally got to meet Lucee's ShyGuy, and the guys whom the gals (Eddel, Mitzi,Mel and Lucy) were talking about. The crew was pretty kewl, and we ended up in V-bar after a short round of drinks at the Big Grill. This place is the typical expat spot, always open till the wee hours, and yes, filled with expats, phil-ams, foreigners and the like.

Since it was early, we headed out to Temple to dance and schmooze a bit, while waiting for Aileen and Arnel to meet us. Mel, and Mitzi were talking funny (they got tipsy fast), the guys were goofing around, and Edel and Chad were really getting to know each other now. Me and Jason? we were watching the scene, getting cozy on our own. Mel, Jason and I went over to The Coffee Bean to sober up with some coffee and cake later on. We met up with Lucee before heading back to Vbar, and from then on danced the night away. In some part of my consciousness i was appalled by how much alcohol i drank that night, not to mention how calm and normal i seemed to be all throughout that time. Tee-hee. And i got to dance with mys weetie all night! Alcohol is good. :-)

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